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About Us

About Us

FenXun Partners delivers practical legal counseling and valuable insight into markets and industries that matter to your business. We help Chinese companies and multinationals doing business in China to better understand the country's legal landscape so they can capture investment opportunities while overcoming challenges.

In the past, Chinese legal practice was concerned primarily with selling interests in and products of businesses. But now, cash-rich Chinese companies are purchasing businesses in the country and overseas. The manner in which the buy side interacts with the sell side, in China and globally, is profoundly affected by two sets of institutions — China's stock exchanges, and long-term institutional investors.

At FenXun Partners, we understand the interplay between the legal and financial aspects of high-value investments and leverage this knowledge to deliver commercially focused advice. Our lawyers have extensive experience working closely with Chinese enterprises, institutions and regulators. Many of our lawyers have worked in international law firms, executing deals in the leveraged acquisition, project finance, private equity, distressed asset, pre-IPO, and restructuring spaces in the US, Europe, and other Asian countries.

Through long-standing working relationships with China's regulatory bodies, we guide you through the intricacies of investing and operating in China. And with our robust dispute resolution practice, we can protect your interests prudently and discreetly.


"Fenxun," a phrase taken from the Buddhist canons, alludes to the effect of a sermon given by the Buddha — astounding like the roar of lions, but rooted in wisdom and compassion. True to our name, FenXun Partners aspires to deliver advice that is both confident and considerate, firm yet always attuned to commercial, operational and  political realities, as well as our clients' needs.