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Securitization and Derivatives

Our lawyers have been at the forefront of securitization and derivatives (both listed and OTC) product development in china. They have pioneered mortgage and other asset (including lease and other receivables) securitizations, and are leading experts on REIT development. We are deeply familiar with true sale, bankruptcy remote and non-recourse structures, both in the structured finance and in the project finance fields. We have worked for banks, sponsors and export credit and insurance agencies in financings of petrochemical, oil and gas, power and infrastructure extraction, refinement, generation and other facilities. Two of our partners also have extensive experience in the financing of greenfield resource extraction, refinery, power generation, infrastructure and aircraft outside china.

Our work in this area includes:


●  Mortgage, lease receivable and other asset-backed securities

●  OTC derivatives advice, including advice on disputes

●  Synthetic collateralized obligation structures

●  Water desalination projects

●  Wind farm projects

●  Power generation projects

●  Tunnels, bridges and roads

●  Telecommunications

●  Industrial plants

●  Petrochemical, oil, gas and other natural resource projects

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