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Our lawyers are adept in handling a broad spectrum of matters, from offshore and onshore investments to purely domestic financings. We handle documentation across the traditional "bank" and "bond" forms, hybrid financing instruments such as convertibles and warrants, as well as straight equity. We help manage passive investments inbound and outbound from China, as well as domestic deals.

We also focus on regulatory issues particularly regarding expansion. Having built an excellent standing with regulators, we help navigate issues related to the launch of new products or businesses. Members of our regulatory practice are familiar with a broad range of bank products and services and can help clients obtain regulatory approval for them without the added time and cost of learning about them.

We also help our clients address issues regarding:

●  Tax and balance sheet treatment of certain asset dispositions

●  Recognition of effectivity of asset dispositions for bankruptcy purposes

●  Trade versus capital account treatment of certain cross-border cash flows

●  Capital adequacy requirements for various asset classes

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